FOCUS Integrated Fitness is a New York City-based private personal training company whose specialty is in-home personal training. We create and implement individualized fitness programs designed to achieve our clients' fitness objectives safely and efficiently. Personal training sessions can be held in the privacy of your own home, your building's fitness center or at one of our personal training facilities located throughout New York City.

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Each FOCUS personal trainer offers a comprehensive selection of both traditional and cutting-edge exercise disciplines. Your customized fitness regimen will combine a number of protocols to boost your strength, increase your stamina and improve your overall health - regardless of your current fitness level.

The FOCUS Integrated Fitness personal training approach is uniquely geared to challenge and motivate you, encouraging and jump-starting your immediate and long-term fitness goals.

Begin your journey today to improved fitness and better health. To contact us click here to learn more about our custom-designed, personalized fitness programs, our personal trainers, strength training, conditioning, and other elements of our fitness programs.

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