Ryan H.


Originally from Connecticut, Ryan is now part of our San Francsico team.  Though always involved in sports – such as soccer, basketball, golf and snowboarding –it was not until he was in college and facing issues with his own weight that he discovered a need for fitness. After successfully losing  40 lbs. on an exercise and nutrition plan that he created himself, Ryan ultimately decided to follow his passion and enrolled in the Focus Personal Training Institute, where he graduated at  the top of his class.  

An avid runner, Ryan has begun focusing his energies on endurance and strength training in order to prepare for the Vermont City Marathon in May. But his ability  to communicate and relate to people, coupled with a strong understanding the sciences behind performance and strength training,  are what enable Ryan to write and implement individualized fitness programs for an ever-changing client base. Additionally, a previous lower back injury has made him acutely aware of the need for quality movement, and he keeps this philosophy with each of his clients – injury or not.

His mission as a trainer is simple: Ryan strives to raise his clients’ self-confidence through the successful attainment of specific goals and preaches the never-ending pursuit of physical, mental and emotional greatness.  


Focus Personal Training Institute (FPTI)


Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certified
AAHFRP Medical Exercise Specialist (MES)
CPR/AED Certified- Heart Saver
Pre/Post Natal Exercise

Continuing Education

Focus Integrated Fitness Journal Reviews: Monthly review of topics relating to current fitness trends, strength and conditioning, exercise physiology and medical journals.

Focus Integrated Fitness Exercise Workshops: Weekly practical training in Yoga, Pilates and Cross Training. All instruction is conducted by leading industry experts.

Dumbbell Training l (Juan Carlos Santana, M.Ed, CSCS)

Interval Training for Clients and Athletes (Mike Boyle, ATC)

Medicine Ball Training (Juan Carlos Santana, M.Ed, CSCS)

Band Training I and II (Juan Carlos Santana, M.Ed, CSCS)

Kettlebell Basics (Earnest Hudson Jr., MS, CSCS)

Functional Training (Juan Carlos Santana, M.Ed, CSCS)

Stability Ball Training I and II (Juan Carlos Santana, M.Ed, CSCS)

Interval Training and Nutrient Timing (Meaghan Shea, MA, CSCS, MES; Deb Cooke, MA, CES)

Spinal Loading vs. Muscle Activity:  Finding a Balance in Exercise Selection (Deb Cooke, MA, CES)

The Dreaded ACL Tear:  Training Considerations for Rehab and Prevention (Meaghan Shea, MA, CSCS, MES; Deb Cooke, MA, CES)

Fall Prevention Strategies for the Older Adult (Meaghan Shea, MA, CSCS, MES)

Exposive Exercises in Sports Training: A Critical Review (Meaghan Shea, MA, CSCS, MES)

Unplanned Periodization in the General Population (Meaghan Shea, MA, CSCS, MES)

Recent Advances in MS Research (Meaghan Shea, MA, CSCS, MES)

Physical Activity and the Media (Mary Gillis, Ed. M)

When And How To Use Olympic Lifts (Meaghan Shea, MA, CSCS, MES, Brent Carter, BS, CSCS, MES)

System of a Run (Chris Johnson, DPT)

Fundamentals of Program Design for Golfers (Anthony Renna, CSCS, TPI)

Nutrition Facts and Fallacies(Meaghan Shea, MA, CSCS, MES, Brent Carter, BS, CSCS, MES, Vanessa Upegui, MES)

The Role of the Personal Trainer in Detecting and Managing Eating Disorders(Melanie Rogers, MS, RD)

Strategies for Improving Client Compliance and Results (Meaghan Shea, MA, CSCS, MES)

Lower Back Pain: Myths and Legends(Paul Ochoa, PT, DPT, OCS, LMT Chad Woodard, PT, DPT, ABD, OCS, CSCS)

Muay Thai Techniques (Brandon Levi)

Strength Programs: Research Versus Practice (Meaghan Shea, MA, CSCS, MES)

Food and Nutrition, Eating Well Mindfully (Bridget Murphy, MS, RDN, CDN)

Arthrokinematics and Self Joint Mobilization (Ryan Chow, SPT, EP-C, CES)

Effects of Coaching Style on Performance (Meaghan Shea, MA, CSCS, MES)

The Use of ART in Movement (Dr. Andrew Park, DC, MS, MSLAc)

Polar Technology and Heart Rate Variability in Training (Dave DiFabio, MA, CSPS, CSCS, USAW)

Programming Options for Strength (Chris Kelly, M.S., CSCS, NKT)

The Mind Diet (Cori Cohen, RDN)

Strength Training and Heart Health (Meaghan Shea, MA, CSCS, MES, Brent Carter, BS, CSCS, MES)

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