Youth Training

If you're a parent of a youngster between the ages of six and eighteen, you've probably heard the reports: one out of two children don't get the thirty to sixty minutes of daily physical activity they need. The potential results: youth obesity, Type 2 diabetes, and sports-related injuries. At Focus Integrated Fitness, we're committed to defying those odds. Based on our extensive experience in developmental fitness and pediatric exercise science, we implement fitness protocols that take into account your child's physiological and emotional development. Resistance, cardiovascular and flexibility training markedly improves agility, balance, quickness, speed, strength and cored stability. Aspiring athletes gain the right techniques to pursue their passions; passive children become engaged and excited about their potential. The likelihood of injury due to inadequate physical conditioning is significantly reduced. By building these basic components of fitness, your child will master the skills for enhanced sport performance and overall good health.

“I just wanted to say thank you... Because I now love to workout. I enjoy it more, and am determined to be in shape”
—Adrienne Fragatos