Focus Integrated Fitness has the knowledge and expertise to develop a comprehensive, results-oriented fitness program that will challenge and motivate you.

Getting Started

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The foundation of our individualized Focus training programs is you: your current physical activities, fitness goals and health history. This "benchmark" knowledge affords us the opportunity to create the optimal program to reach your goals as quickly and safely as possible.

Based on this evaluation and your physician recommendations if needed, we'll design a fitness program that will enable you to meet and ultimately surpass your fitness goals. As you progress, we will modify and reassess your program, continuously stimulating your body...and mind.

The right combination of trainers who are in sync with your fitness goals, personality and lifestyle is an essential element in the client-trainer relationship. We thrive on creating the synergy between you and our trainers.

Trainer's Expertise

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Focus Integrated Fitness utilizes the most educated, competent and qualified fitness specialists in the industry. By having the best fitness professionals on our team, we can guarantee that the service, attention and training that you'll receive are of unparalleled excellence.

Before prospective trainers become members of the Focus team, they must first complete an extensive interview process. Additionally, we research and verify credentials on all resumes as well as perform a thorough background check on each prospective candidate.

All of our specialists are certified by the leading industry organizations, including The National Strength and Conditioning Association, The American College of Sports Medicine and The National Academy of Sports Medicine. Many of our specialists also possess undergraduate or graduate degrees in exercise-related courses of study as well as extensive teaching experience in the areas of fitness, health and wellness. Additional areas of expertise among our specialists include pre-post natal certification and post-rehabilitation education.

Our specialists have the practical experience needed to work with a wide variety of clients. This includes those with demanding careers, athletes, senior citizens, pregnant mothers, children and those with special health conditions (obesity, high blood pressure, arthritis, diabetes). As a result of their diverse encounters with different types of clients, our specialists possess a valuable, in-depth understanding of your unique needs, challenges and limitations.

Of equal importance to our team's technical skills, education and practical experience is their ability to communicate and motivate from day one. Our unparalleled, ongoing education program ensures that your trainer possesses the optimal skills that are essential to a rewarding training experience.

“Their continuing education program for their trainers rivals that of most medical professions”
—Chris Volgraff, CSCS
    Exercise Physiologist