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“For individuals with little time, FOCUS Fitness is an efficient way to work out without wasting a minute. These well educated trainers are intent on maximizing every single minute and will not be distracted. It's not called "FOCUS" without reason!”

Jana Klauer, MD
NY Times Bestselling Author
"How The Rich Get Thin" and The Park Avenue Nutritionist's Plan

“Over the past 6 years I have had the opportunity and pleasure of working with the trainers from FOCUS Integrated Fitness to help further their education as fitness professionals. As a practicing physical therapist and researcher at the Nicholas Institute of Sports Medicine and Athletic Trauma (Lenox Hill Hospital) as well as being an avid triathlete I am critical of who I refer my patients to once they complete the rehabilitation process. Knowing that FOCUS has invited me to lecture to their trainers on various musculoskeletal conditions I am confident that they have a good command of the body and are current with training approaches. I should also mention that the trainers routinely take time out of their day to observe me treat in the physical therapy clinic in an effort to better understand the medical implications of movements they are doing with their clients. I would strongly encourage any prospective client to go through with their decision to train with FOCUS Integrated Fitness to safely and effectively improve their physical well being. ”

Christopher Johnson, MPT, MCMT
Head Physical Therapist
Nicholas Institute of Sports Medicine and Athletic Trauma (NISMAT)

“I just wanted to say thank you. When I moved to New York five years ago, I was determined to get back on track and skinny. I hired trainers. The most weight I ever lost was ten pounds. They just couldn't motivate me to workout, to enjoy working out...It always felt like a chore. Regardless, I decided to try a personal trainer one more time...And I found FOCUS! You are so professional and wonderful. I just wanted to say thank you...Because I now love to workout. I enjoy it more, and am determined to be in shape.”

Adrienne Fragatos
TV Producer

“I worked with a number of training companies in the past, but FOCUS has by far been the best experience I've had. I've been a client for over 8 years now and each FOCUS trainer I've worked with has not only given me an excellent workout, but was also really fun to be around. With the help of this qualified and professional team, I've managed to lose over 20 pounds and learn how to enjoy exercise. Each workout is different from the last and as my goals change so do the programs. I never could have gotten to where I am without my FOCUS trainers on my team, and now I have a new body, I'm a lot healthier for my family, and I have a brighter outlook on life. I honestly can't say enough great things about FOCUS!”

J. Joseph Jacobson
Real Estate Investment Firm

“It was almost 5 years ago when I sought out to find the premier personal training company in NYC. I had a few of my patients that were in need of knowledgeable, skilled and personable trainers to help them with their "fitness renaissance." After meeting Joe Masiello and Gabe Valencia, I knew FOCUS would become my preferred personal training choice for my patients in New York. Joe, Gabe and their troupe of trainers have a vast scientific and business knowledge of the health and fitness field that is hard to find anywhere else in the United States. Their continuing education program for their trainers rivals that of most medical professions, allowing them to bring cutting edge material to their training sessions every week. Not only do you want your trainer to have a sound background in science and the practical applications of exercise, but you need to have a connection and bond with that person to bring you back each session. Joe, Gabe and their staff not only guide their clients along the path to fitness and wellness, they build a healthy partnership with their clients that assures them success in reaching their health and fitness goals. I am very proud to have FOCUS in my network of health professionals. They have become a helpful colleague in bettering my career and a constant reminder to always go after your dreams. Thanks Guys, keep up the fantastic work!”

Chris Volgraff, CSCS
Senior Exercise Physiologist
Princeton Longevity Center

“I am in awe of the results I have experienced after a month of PT6 classes. I have not only lost weight but, more importantly, reduced my body fat to 9%, something I've never been able to achieve. When you finish the class you're on kind of a high. But what's even better is the long term feeling: my day to day energy level is unlike anything I have experienced before. Aches and pains have disappeared. I just feel good all the time and I now climb two steps at a time in the subway. The classes are definitely challenging but always achievable. The most brilliant part of the PT6 concept is that, since there are six stations, everyone is free to perform at whatever level they feel comfortable, without the pressure of the "group" dynamic. You're much too busy focusing on the task at hand to wonder how everyone else is performing. No one is judging you! Each workout is different so you don't have a chance to get bored or complacent since you don't know what's coming next. The instructors somehow manage to focus on the both the group and the individual at the same time. Whether you are struggling with form or in need of motivation to make it through, they always seem to be right there. I can't recommend Focus and PT6 enough for anyone who is looking to challenge themselves at WHATEVER level they're at. These classes rock! ”

David Khouri
KGB Limited

“I would highly recommend training with FOCUS. I have trained with FOCUS for over four years and have recommended them to many of my friends. My trainer is extremely professional, very personable and extremely knowledgeable about exercise and fitness. My trainer is dedicated to learning and studying and is constantly attending lectures and seminars to remain current on new techniques and changes in the fitness and exercise field. Because of this I trust what he has me do during the workouts. I love that I am pushed hard and encouraged during each workout and that each session is varied to avoid getting predictable. The sessions are challenging and well thought out to meet my personal objectives.”

Linda Hartley
Managing Director
NY Investment Management Firm

“I have been a Focus client for the past 8 years. I originally started training to help improve my posture and relieve back pain from my job which requires a lot of standing and stress to my upper back. Since then, my back pain has gone away and my posture has dramatically improved. Knowing how much better I feel after the sessions motivates me to keep going. The workouts also never get boring - my trainer constantly introduces new exercises to keep me challenged. I highly recommend Focus to anyone looking to work with qualified, professional trainers who will make you look forward to your training sessions.”

Michael Stinchcomb
Celebrity Hair Colorist
Vartali NYC

“I just wanted to thank you. In February of 2006, I was a first-time teacher, working in tough conditions in an underprivileged school-- needless to say, I was mentally and physically stressed. I was also overweight and in poor physical shape. Then I found Focus. My trainer helped me begin a lifestyle and fitness regimen that has helped me lose 25 pounds and regain my physical health. I owe a lot to the owners of Focus and to my trainer. I really appreciated how I always felt like a priority. I hope to start training with you all again sometime soon. In the meantime, however, I wanted to make sure that you had my heartfelt thanks. ”

Emily Kerr

“You want to find a trainer in NYC? It's easy: just throw a stick out your window and chances are the person you hit will say that they are a personal trainer. In reality finding fitness professionals that have the passion, commitment and knowledge of health and fitness are far and few. FOCUS trainers are 100% committed to their profession. I have no hesitation in recommending clients to them. They have worked brilliantly with individuals that I have sent them. I find myself fortunate in that I can call on them anytime and expect excellent service and great results for clients.”

Paul Frediani
Co-Author of
-The Ultimate Program for Triathlon Success

Integrity is the word that comes to mind when I think of the FOCUS team. These guys have done a truly impressive job at creating a team of trainers who care about each other, are motivated to help clients reach their goals, and sincerely want to learn more in order to constantly improve their expertise. In teaching workshop around the country and abroad, I can say it is always a pleasure to see this group!
Thanks! ”

Annette Lang
International Health and Fitness Consultant

“I started training with Focus Fitness about 6 years ago... I have been fortunate enough to train with most, maybe even all of the trainers. Never in my life have I carried over such confidence into my personal life and workplace. Being an actor, my appearance is large part of what I do and the guys at Focus have always understood my goals and keep me in a groove and on a routine. I recently ran my first marathon, with the help of Focus. Whether the topic is diet, cardio, weight training, circuits, different methods or theories, I love asking questions because I know I'm going to get a thorough and learned answer. Some people think I'm crazy at how excited I get for my workouts, I just think I'm "FOCUSed". Thanks guys for all your help!”

Jay Seals
Actor, AMC's Mad Men

“We wanted to take this opportunity to thank everyone at FOCUS for all the help and advise you have given me and my wife over the last 5 months. We cannot think of a nicer, more professional and more qualified group of people we could have worked with. You guys are all a class act. ”

Jorge and Eileen Yajure
Business Owners

“FOCUS just seems to "get it." They go to great lengths to make sure that my training sessions are well thought out. My trainer is also a fun person to be around-which is as important to me as getting a good workout. Aside from exercise, they also have great customer service. The billing has been hassle free and easy to understand and their staff gets back to me right away if I have a question. Two thumbs up!”

Gregory Kooser
Business Owner

“FOCUS is the best training I have ever had. I have put on muscle, rehabilitated my knee after major surgery and am finally able to get back in to competitive sports. I was with another training company before and never got results like these-even though I was training 3-4 days a week. Now I feel like I'm working much smarter and am even more motivated! My trainer knows how to push my body in a way that keeps it fun but tough-plus he makes sure that I understand the reason behind everything that we do.”

Yorgo Alexopoulos
Multi Media Artist

“Focus Fitness paired me up with a trainer that not only catered to my fitness goals, but who also matched my personality. We worked out around my chaotic schedule. I got into shape, and my skinny jeans, while also having fun.”

Deborah Garcia
TV News Reporter

“I wanted to tell you how pleased I am with my trainer. We just passed our one year mark. When I started with him I couldn't walk up a flight of stairs without breathing heavily and I was overweight and out of shape. He is dedicated, thoughtful, respectful and 100 percent on time. He invests time to alternate my training programs so they are never boring and he constantly pushes me to improve. I am physically in a completely different place and I could not have done it without him. ”

Alain Kodsi
Managing Director
Mortgage Equicap, LLC

“From the beginning I knew FOCUS Fitness would offer the most personable and best all around service that New York City has. On a Saturday, when most businesses would be closed to meet with you, the two managers of Focus came to my apartment immediately and had a personal interview and conversation with me. That Monday morning I was placed with an amazing trainer and my admiration and trust in Focus blossomed. This trainer taught me how to box and kick-box and started my lifelong love for boxing. Next, I was placed with a trainer who truly became a friend and confidant. We still do have a great relationship and bonded very quickly from the get-go. My last trainer, Danny is amazing as well. Being close in age and having similar interests, Focus knew this would be a great trainer- client relationship and it was! Even though we only had a few months to work together due to me moving to Florida I loved every session we had and saw my body transform for the better! In conclusion, Focus is wonderful to work with, always available, friendly and do their best to personally know the client and their needs/wants. I am sad to be leaving them because I know no other company will do the great job that they have over the past 2 and a half years! THE BEST! ”

Maxie Ezratti

“After trying over 25 "independent" trainers and trainers from other companies, I was a bit pessimistic when I originally found Focus. Then I met my trainer, Katie. She is extremely professional and has a very diverse background in fitness. Our sessions have been very challenging, diversified, and above all, enjoyable. I look forward to working out with her and that to me is the best part. To really enjoy your workouts is what keeps it fun and not just another dreaded workout. I really appreciate you finding me a trainer that I feel is a perfect fit for me. I look forward to working you guys for a very long time.”

Corey Gelman
Love, Chic Baby

“From the moment I came to Focus, I felt a sense of realness and an ethical business. Since then, my trainer has been absolutely magnificent with me. Responsible, fluid, receptive, knowledgeable, just an absolute delight. I’ve learned a great deal. I hope by this time next year it will be truly transformative. Thank you for all you’ve done for me.”

Doug Haralson
St. Luke's Hospital

“What separates Focus from other personal trainers is far superior knowledge and a strong sense of professionalism. Even though I was terribly out of shape when I began training, I felt Focus provided a comfortable environment with great trainers who motivated me both during and outside of sessions. This has resulted in me not only looking better on the outside by losing over 15 pounds in 7 weeks, but looking better on the inside - my LDL levels (bad cholesterol) went down from an unhealthy 110 to a very healthy 93. Focus’ trainers are worth every penny. ”

Greg Kalnitsky
“Beyonce's Secret Weapon”