Derrick D

BS, CHECK Institute, NASM-CPT,

Derrick was born in the Bronx, NY, and grew up in Westchester County. At 12, his older cousin introduced him to weight training and the importance of building a strong body.


Derrick believes we all have the ability to realize our strengths both physically and mentally. He became a fitness trainer and coach and earned his certification from NASM while obtaining various other certifications throughout his fitness career. He is proud of being licensed and certified by the CHEK Institute, founded by Paul Chek in 1995 and considered one of the most rigorous industry certifications. Through the CHECK Institute, Derrick obtained his certifications for Holistic Lifestyle Coaching Level 1 and 2 as an Integrated Movement Specialist.


Derrick’s holistic approach to strength training has enabled him to look at the human body as a whole and understand that every person is unique in their circumstances. As such, he believes there is value in our failures and strength in our progress. When Derrick isn’t training clients, he enjoys spending time with family and friends, bike riding, hiking, playing basketball, reading, watching movies, meditating, and listening to music. In addition, you will always find him in the gym.


Mercy College - Bachelors BA


CHEK Institute - Holistic Lifestyle Coaching Level 1
CHEK Institute - Holistic Lifestyle Coaching Level 2
CHEK Institute - Integrated Movement Specialist Level 1
National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM-CPT)
CPR/AED Certified

Continuing Education

Focus Integrated Fitness Journal Reviews: Monthly review of topics relating to current fitness trends, strength and conditioning, exercise physiology and medical journals.

Interval Training for Clients and Athletes (Mike Boyle, ATC)

Functional Training (Juan Carlos Santana, M.Ed, CSCS)

Joint Friendly Strength Training (Nick Tuminnello)

Assess and Correct (Eric Cressey, Bill Hartman, Mike Robertson)

Joint by Joint Approach to Training (Mike Boyle, ATC)

Scientific Back Training (CHEK Institute)

Scientific Core Conditioning CHEK Institute)

Program Design (CHEK Institute 

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