Jennifer R.


Originally from Hackensack New Jersey, Jennifer has always had a deep aspiration for staying active. While in high school she took the initiative by participating in volleyball, and long distance track and field. After graduating she wanted to continue being active so she decided to join a gym. Knowing the best way to get started she hired a personal trainer to help navigate her to achiever her fitness goals. Her new trainer opened her eyes to the world of personal training, and the fact that you can get a great workout and enjoy doing it while not being on the playing field.


Jennifer always knew she had a passion for helping others. Before jumping into personal training she decided to enroll in Bergen Community College in New Jersey where she received her Associates Degree in Social Work. In her off time Jennifer could be found in the gym, and people started to see her passion for it without letting excuses get in her way. Jennifer got even more immersed in fitness when she started to discover different modalities that she enjoyed such as: strength training, conditioning, and boxing. However, she found what really got the adrenaline pumping was lifting heavy weights. Jennifer spent her journey learning about correct techniques through working with multiple personal trainers. She would take advantage of all the knowledge by picking their brains all while falling deeper in love with fitness and all of its different styles. This was around the time that Jennifer figured out she wanted to make her passion into a career


Hungry for knowledge and loving every bit of it she then started attending several boot camps from some of her favorite fitness leaders. All the while knowing one day she wanted to be the one who was creating and inspiring those feelings in others. Jennifer’s passion is helping her clients reach their goals safely while still having a good time. Jennifer started to get her family into fitness, and she even started hosting group classes in parks back home.


Jennifer knew what she wanted to do, but not sure the best route to get there. This is when she discovered Focus Personal Training Institute. As she dove into the 700 hour Master Course she knew right away that she wanted the opportunity to work for FOCUS. Throughout her time at FPTI Jennifer had the opportunity to be an intern where she had an outlet to use her background knowledge and style with numerous practice clients, and also running small group classes all while receiving feedback from Focus’ expert training staff. After graduation Jennifer was offered a position to join FOCUS and the rest is history.


Jennifer remains motivated to improving herself while improving others. Her main goal is to help her clients move better, and achieve their goals while making it as enjoyable as possible


Focus Personal Training Institute Master Course (FPTI)

AA- Bergen Community College


CPR/AED- American Red Cross

Continuing Education

Focus Integrated Fitness Journal Reviews: Monthly review of topics relating to current fitness trends, strength and conditioning, exercise physiology and medical journals.

Interval Training for Clients and Athletes (Mike Boyle, ATC)

Functional Training (Juan Carlos Santana, M.Ed, CSCS)

Joint Friendly Strength Training  (Nick Tuminnello)

The Mind Diet (Cori Cohen, RDN)

Orthopedic Aspects of Triathlon Injuries (Dr. Mark Klion, MD)

Scoliosis and Schroth (Ariel Flug, PT, DPT, BSSPT)

Regnerative Sports Medicine, and Spinal Care (Nick Beatty, MD)

Olympic Lifting & Client Application (Liz Cavanaugh, Angelica Virga)

Motor Control and Power Lifting (Ryan Chow)

Diaphragmania (Alanna Bradley)

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