Kris T.


Sport and Fitness have always played a large part in Kris’ life. While growing up in Florida, he dabbled in all types of sport experiences, from traditional team sports like baseball and basketball, to cricket and handball. Drawing upon many positive experiences with mentors and coaches throughout his life, he chose a career in sports performance and fitness.


Along this path, Kris has held numerous positions in the fitness and sport performance industry, including internships with premier athletic programs. While attending the University of Florida for Sport Management in the college of Human Health and Performance, he worked for the Florida Gators football program as a Trainer. Additionally, Kris interned as a Strength and Conditioning Coach for St. Leo University, a Division II collegiate program where he worked with numerous athletes from various sports, designing strength and speed programs catered to their individual and team goals.


Upon graduating from UF, Kris became a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) and obtained a Level 1 Certification from the Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) as a Golf Fitness Professional. As a Golf Fitness Professional in Florida, he worked in a physical therapy clinic where he developed a TPI influenced golf fitness program for players of all ages and skill levels, designed to allow them to play the game they love pain-free, as a stronger athlete and more functional human being.


With an understanding that fitness is relative to each individual, Kris’ goal is to find a way to make your fitness journey a sustainable and enjoyable experience. His passion is helping people find their fitness form, whatever that is to them.


B.S. Sport and Fitness Administration/Management, University of Florida


Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (NSCA-CSCS)
Medical Exercise Specialist (MES)
Titleist Performance Institute Level 1 Golf Fitness Professional (TPI Level 1)
CPR/AED- American Red Cross
American Council on Exercise Training for Prenatal and Postnatal Clients

Continuing Education

Focus Integrated Fitness Journal Reviews: Monthly review of topics relating to current fitness trends, strength and conditioning, exercise physiology and medical journals.

Interval Training for Clients and Athletes (Mike Boyle, ATC)

Functional Training (Juan Carlos Santana, M.Ed, CSCS)

Joint Friendly Strength Training  (Nick Tuminnello)

Assess and Correct (Eric Cressey, Bill Hartman, Mike Robertson)

Joint by Joint Approach to Training (Mike Boyle, ATC)

Motor Control and Power Lifting (Ryan Chow)

Diaphragmania (Alanna Bradley)

Movement Preparation for Squatting (Zeena Hernandez, PT, DPT)

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