Mitchel R.


A native New Yorker from Queens, Mitchel started his athletic career at the age of five when he fell in love with football. This sparked a passion and fueled an athletic career that lasted throughout his High School education where he lettered, participating in wrestling, football, baseball, track and field.


Upon graduating, Mitchel became an Infantryman in the US Army, quickly excelling to the rank of Sergeant. During this time, Mitchel was recognized as Soldier of the Month and Quarter where he mastered his skills in motivation, determination and dedication. While in the military, Mitchel also led all physical training activities and is highly trained in army combatives which includes a combination of Mui Tai and Brazilian jui jitzu .  Furthermore, Mitchel has earned many awards in top soldier competitions, gaining further recognition for his physical excellence and leadership skills.


After leaving the military, Mitchel continued to train and participate in charitable athletic events such as the warrior dash and various runs. Looking for a career that would fuel his passion for fitness, Mitchel decided to enroll in Focus Personal Training institute where he completed the intense 700-hour Master Course.  A top member of his class, Mitchel then joined the Focus team as a personal trainer.


Though Mitchel is an expert in strength training, he brings extensive coaching ability and program design in endurance, agility, conditioning, and plyometrics. With his “never quit” positive attitude, and attentive coaching style, Mitchel has helped each and every one of his clients achieve success.  


Focus Personal Training Institute Master Course (FPTI)



CPR/AED Certified - American Red Cross

Pre and Post Natal Certified- Annette Lang

Continuing Education

Focus Integrated Fitness Journal Reviews: Monthly review of topics relating to current fitness trends, strength and conditioning, exercise physiology and medical journals.

Interval Training for Clients and Athletes (Mike Boyle, ATC)

Functional Training (Juan Carlos Santana, M.Ed, CSCS)

Joint Friendly Strength Training  (Nick Tuminnello)

Scoliosis and Schroth (Ariel Flug, PT, DPT, BSSPT)

Regnerative Sports Medicine, and Spinal Care (Nick Beatty, MD)

Olympic Lifting & Client Application (Liz Cavanaugh, Angelica Virga)

Motor Control and Power Lifting (Ryan Chow)

Movement Preparation for Squatting (Zeena Hernandez, PT, DPT)

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