Ryan P.


A fourth generation native New Yorker, Ryan is extremely dedicated to helping people improve their health and maintain a positive outlook on life. Ryan learned the importance of taking on each new day and its physical challenges with patience after travelling to Guatemala and assist in caring 24/7 for a group of physically and mentally handicapped people. As a result of this experience, Ryan changed his own less-than-fit lifestyle: He started weight lifting and running, cleaned up his diet, and began studying Krav Maga and Muay Thai boxing.


Ryan then found his way to the Focus Personal Training Institute, graduating from the rigorous 700-hour Master Course program at FPTI. Here Ryan, learned about training the general population, special populations, injured clients and various types of athletes. His education and experience, passion for helping people find the joy in life and previous background in comedy and acting come together in each of Ryan’s sessions to make his programs both effective and enjoyable.


Ryan has also earned the Starting Strength Coach credential, focusing on strength and barbell training. As one of our in-house Starting Strength Coaches (SSC), Ryan has become known for his technical foundation in weightlifting and strong coaching ability. As such, Ryan often assists our course instructors for our state licensed vocational school and mentors many of the FocusNYC training team on the fundamentals of barbell training.  An accomplished competitor, Ryan is an expert at implementing varied but very challenging training programs for his clients.  In addition to being a Starting Strength Coach, Ryan is a post-rehab and medical exercise specialist, so can address common injuries, chronic joint issues and muscular imbalances.

Outside of training, Ryan likes to spice things up by concocting recipes for a mean hot sauce.


Focus Personal Training Institute (FPTI)


NSCA Certified Personal Trainer (NSCA-CPT)
AAHFRP Medical Exercise Specialist (MES)
Starting Strength Certified Coach (SSC)
American Heart Association CPR & AED Certified
Pre/Post Natal Exercise

Continuing Education

Focus Integrated Fitness Journal Reviews: Monthly review of topics relating to current fitness trends, strength and conditioning, exercise physiology and medical journals.

Dumbbell Training l (Juan Carlos Santana, M.Ed, CSCS)

Interval Training for Clients and Athletes (Mike Boyle, ATC)

Medicine Ball Training (Juan Carlos Santana, M.Ed, CSCS)

Band Training I and II (Juan Carlos Santana, M.Ed, CSCS)

Functional Training (Juan Carlos Santana, M.Ed, CSCS)

Stability Ball Training I and II (Juan Carlos Santana, M.Ed, CSCS)

Recent Advances in MS Research (Meaghan Shea, MA, CSCS, MES)

Physical Activity and the Media (Mary Gillis, Ed. M)

Using Bench Press Loads to Predict Loads for Upper Body Exercises (Meaghan Shea, Ma, CSCS, MES)

When And How To Use Olympic Lifts (Meaghan Shea, MA, CSCS, MES, Brent Carter, BS, CSCS, MES)

Practical Application of Olympic Lifts (Meaghan Shea, MA, CSCS, MES, Brent Carter, BS, CSCS, MES)

System of a Run (Chris Johnson, DPT)

Application of Tae Kwan Do to Training (Luis Tejada)

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Nutrition Facts and Fallacies (Meaghan Shea, MA, CSCS, MES, Brent Carter, BS, CSCS, MES, Vanessa Upegui, MES)

The Role of the Personal Trainer in Detecting and Managing Eating Disorders (Melanie Rogers, MS, RD)

Strategies for Improving Client Compliance and Results (Meaghan Shea, MA, CSCS, MES)

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The Use of ART in Movement (Dr. Andrew Park, DC, MS, MSLAc)

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Strength Training and Heart Health (Meaghan Shea, MA, CSCS, MES, Brent Carter, BS, CSCS, MES)

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